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Ceramics and Porcelain industry

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The ceramics industry is considered one of the country’s significant industries with the government providing ample support and promotion due to the use of locally available raw materials, resources and labors. It plays a vital role in terms of job creation, income distribution, value creation, and foreign revenue. According to empirical evidence of the discovery of ceramics prior to the Sukhothai period, the ceramics industry is one of the oldest industries in Thailand, The industry is related to other fundamental industries relevant to the development of the country as a whole such as the construction, electronic, computer, medical and automotive industries

The ceramics market is segmented into traditional and advanced ceramics. The traditional ceramics include tiles, wall panels, sanitary ware, and household articles. Advanced ceramics are materials that have an additive added to the traditional ceramics. This alters its properties to fulfill the demand of specific end-uses such as automotive, medical, computer, and lectrical industries.

Liberal trade policies allow the unrestricted flow of goods and services which increase global competition. Entrepreneurs need to develop all aspects of their business capabilities, including enhancing their professional competency to increase production efficiency.

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