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Competencies for Overseas Thai Buddhist Missionary Monks

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Buddhist missionary monks mean monks who are assigned to carry out missionary work and promote the teaching of the Buddha in foreign countries commonly known as “Overseas Thai Buddhist Missionary Monks.” The role of Buddhist missionary monks includes promoting the doctrines and teaching of the Buddha for Thai devotees/followers and Buddhists in foreign countries as well as foreigners so that they could benefit and indulge in Buddhist teaching.  In addition, those who learn Buddhist teaching can pass on to the locals, continue the work of Buddhist missionary monks, and uphold Buddhism.  These roles were indoctrinated by the Buddha to the first generation of missionary monks,and were passed on to current generations It is important that missionary monks must thoroughly study the Buddha teachings to have a semantic knowledge and wisdom in order to disseminate them to devotees/followers.

Those who are certified will have the knowledge, skills, and attributes to strategically manage overseas promotion of Buddhism, teach Buddhism correctly and thoroughly, conduct religious activities and ceremonies, teach Thai culture and language correctly and thoroughly, and administer overseas Thai temples effectively.

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